Newssheets Vol 1

Moredun Newssheets - Volume 1

A selection of 30 of Moredun's newssheets together in paperback form (first published separately 1989 - 1993).

Newssheets included in this volume are:

1.1 Detection and Treatment of Hypothermia in Newborn Lambs
1.2 Toxoplasmosis: An Important and Topical Disease of Sheep
1.3 Enzootic Abortion of Ewes
1.4 Roundworm and Fluke Infections in Sheep
1.5 The Control of Sheep Headfly Disease
1.6 Pasteurellosis in Sheep
1.7 Dental Disease in Sheep
1.8 Scrapie
1.9 Copper Deficiency in Sheep and Cattle
1.10 Watery Mouth in Lambs
1.11 Listerial Encephalitis (Circling disease) of Sheep and Cattle
1.12 Control and Manipulation of the Breeding Season in Sheep
1.13 Calf Scour
1.14 Making the Best of Colostrum at Lambing
1.15 Jaagsiekte (Sheep Pulmonary Adenomatosis)
1.16 Orf Virus Infection of Sheep
1.17 Grass Sickness in Horses
1.18 Nematodirus Infection of Lambs: A Re-emerging Problem
1.19 Border Disease in Sheep
1.20 Toxoplasmosis in Goats
1.21 Anthelmintic Resistance in Sheep and Goats
1.22 Footrot in Sheep
1.23 Caseous Lymphadentitis of Sheep
1.24 Supplemental Feeding and Hygiene at Lambing
1.25 Ovine Coccidiosis
1.26 Cryptosporidium & Cryptosporidiosis
1.27 Nephrosis (Drunken Lamb Syndrome)
1.28 Respiratory Infections in Cattle
1.29 Mastitis in Ewes
1.30 Vitamin E and Selenium Deficiency in Sheep

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